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PC & Mac Repair
PC Repair
  • PC windows
  • XP Home
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2000 Pro
  • Windows Millennium
  • Windows Vista computer repair

Mac Repair

We can Repair Any and All Macintosh Computers including;
  • Macbook Air
  • New Macbook Pro
  • Old Macbook Pro
  • White Macbook
  • New iMac & Old iMac
We can solve any Hardware/Software Issue ; Mac Screen Repair, Mac Spill Repair, Mac Motherboard Repair, and Mac File Error Repair.

Mac Support Services
  • Mac set-up and configuration
  • Virtual installation and configuration
  • iOS device set-up and configuration (iPad/iPhone)
  • General troubleshooting

Need a Mac server or need to integrate Macs into your existing PC-based network? We can get your office configured for Mac OS in parallel with your Windows environment.
Whether you have MacBook Pros or Airs, iMacs or older systems, our computer services and network solutions can be customized for your office and mobile environments. Along with increased use in the workplace, more and more employees are using Apple mobile devices at home and want to bridge the gap between their personal use and work routines. We can assist with wireless network set up and configuration.

Screen & Parts repair
We do screen replacements. We offer hard drive replacements, data recovery, DVD-CD replacement, and Logic board replacement.

Call us Today!
Our technicians will come directly to your place to solve your computer troubles right on-the-spot. Simply call us (330-908-1429) to select an appointment time to fit your schedule.

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