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Xbox 360 freezing up on you? How about the Red Ring of Death (RRoD)?

We will fix it and get you right back in the game.

We will perform an advanced diagnostics. You will receive an e-mail, including the results of our advanced diagnostic, as well as a repair estimate.
Once you approve of the repair estimate, we will repair it and do a extended testing to make sure your Xbox is repaired completely.
Most Common Xbox 360 Repairs;
  • Rrod (Red Ring of Death)
  • Error Code Displayed On Screen: Disc Reading Errors (DRE)
  • No Picture and/or Sound or No power
  • Unit Scratching Discs
  • XBox Locking, freezing, overheating
  • Disc Drive Not Ejecting
  • Discs Not Reading
  • Unsuccessful modification
  • Laser/ DVD Drive Replacement
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues
  • Wireless Controller Connection Problems


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