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Website Solutions
Many times, a company or individual will design or create a website for a business and then make you wait weeks for updates to your site. Other companies offer to provide you with a website, and then expect you to manage complicated changes and updates using an even more complicated and costly CMS (Content Management System).

Our Mirror Images can provide maintenance services for your business website, at an affordable rate. Our website maintenance is done behind the scenes to help keep your site online and up to date with quick turnaround time and reliable, discreet service. We can coordinate all of your web services including maintenance, hosting & domain services. Our services give you or your company a lower rate and priority service. Turn-around time on basic changes or updates is 24-48 hours, and in most cases the work is done the same day.
Whether it’s time for a new website, an update to your existing one, or a mobile version of your current site, we can make your online presence work for you. Outsource your web maintenance services to us while you concentrate on your business.
  • Website Changes and Updates
  • Website Repair
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Integrity Checking
  • Website Design and Marketing
  • Additional Design Services
  • Web Content Writing Services
  • Website Analysis Service
The nature of website maintenance services has changed and so have we. Now web maintenance has much to do with analysis of visitors, breakdown of traffic sources and tracking conversions. If you are not tracking your website how will you know what’s working? Where will you pitch your next campaign? How will you know at what page your visitors are leaving? Track your website with detailed analysis.
  • Analyzing Backlinks.
  • Tracking Social Media.
  • Site Traffic Analysis & Reporting.
  • Online Market Scope Analysis.
  • Conversion Analysis.

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